The Idea: Create a place within StockX for people to share their collections and find their next shoe.
Why? By fostering a community within it's own app you can connect people with the sneakers they love, turn them on to sneakers they may not have seen and create brand recognition beyond the buying and selling of shoes.
Please note, this a prototype for visualization purposes.
First click the shoe icon at the bottom
From here, the menu at the top will take you between "top" images and images from the people you have chosen to follow.
Clicking the first image under "top" will give you an idea of how the images people share can link directly to the shoe pictured. 
Click the 'adidas Yeezy Boost 350" button at the top of the image to go directly to the shoe's stats page.
The top two images under "top" and "feed" are currently click-able. Within each of those images you will find a link to User123 which will give you an idea as to how people can connect and follow others.
The goal here is not to just create another Instagram within StockX but to give users a more immersive on a platform they already know. Sneakerheads have a few places like Reddit where they can share their latest W but there is an opportunity to build that community on a platform most of them are already familiar with.

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